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Get to know a lil bit more about the origin of our taste and discover how amazing the mix of cultures and people can create not just a wonderful country but a irresistable culinary.


Acaraje can be considered the Brazilian version of falafel. A black eyed pea fritted is deep fried in dende oil shaped like a ball. You can stuff it with vatapa - creamy paste made of bread crumbs, shrimp, coconut milk and dende -  shrimp and vinagrete salad.

This food you can easly find in Salvador, Bahia and it is the most famous street food. The Baianas (women from Bahia) wear traditional clothes with a head wrap to sell it on the streets.


The state of Bahia, located in the North-East of Brazil has the most distinctive African culture in the country. From Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial arts dance), African derived music forms, such as samba and axe, religion (Candomble) to the cuisine with strong links to Africa, Bahia is a treasure.


Feijoada, this name stems from the word “feijao” that means beans in Portuguese. Together with smoked beef and pork meat the black bean - the key ingredient of Feijoada - gives an unique flavour to this Brazilian National Dish.


Feijoada for Brazilians is more than a meal. 

Are you getting together with your family on weekends? Feijoada. Do you want to have friends over and have a good time? Feijoada. 

On weekdays we also eat feijoada and depending on where you are in Brazil, there is a special day to eat the delicious black beans - Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, it is often eaten on Wednesdays at work lunch break. 

Pãozinho Delicia

This is our Brazilian Soft Bread or "Party Bread"

This bread is most known in Salvador, Bahia. There, the Paozinho is the king of the parties, and all tipo of parties. From kids birthdays, to adults birthdays, Christmas, family get together, and so on... Pãozinho is always there to make it better.

There are many ways to eat our super soft bread. You can have it plain, just the bread and nothing else. You can eat it with cheese, ham, penut better, or anything that you might want to add to it. 
Also you can serve it with a side, a mix of seafood so your guests can fill it up with it if they wish to. 

I can not forget to mentioned that it is a lil sweet (not too much), so you can use it as a dessert options and stuff it with Nutella, brigadeiro (Brazilian dessert), and so on...

There are so many ways to consume this amazing bread, just use your imagination. 

Espeto - skewers

Amazing and easy way to have a taste of Brazil 

Espeto is "skewers" in Portuguese. There are many types of "espeto" you can find there, a variety of beef, chicken, chicken heart, veggie, shrimp, and also a mix of everything. 


You can eat it in different places - fancy, on the streets, at a party, concerts, and restaurants that have the specialty on cuts and place it on an "espeto"-. And the side is up to you and our imagination - cassava flour, "vinagrete" salad, different sauces and so on...


We also have cheese skewers, in the northeast of the country, you can find it on the beaches, people with a homemade grill make it in front of you, and you can just enjoy it right away.